Change of Address

Dealers who would like to change their address should be aware of the following information.  The State of Michigan requires that these steps be taken. Please allow 30-45 days for application review and processing.

Dealer License & Repair Facility

The state requires that an application be submitted, along with dealer zoning approval. The state will also require a pre-license inspection. If changing branch offices also complete the designation form. The owner will need to sign the forms.

Also prepare a letter explaining you are changing your business address.  Note the effective date, include the license number and have the letter signed by the owner.

Original Installment Seller License

The original license should be provided along with a letter explaining the change, signed by the owner.  Also note the license number.  Include a $10.00 check for the amendment fee, made payable to the State of Michigan.

A new license is required if you change your municipality.

Uniform Vehicle Dealer Surety Bond

Notify your insurance company if there is any change to your corporate name or address.  This situation will require a bond rider with the State of Michigan.


Items to provide to MADA or the various state departments

When you provide this information to MADA we will review it and personally deliver it to the appropriate state department. Simply mail your paperwork to: MADA Licensing Department / 1500 Kendale Blvd. / East Lansing, MI 48823

Department of State:

  1. Letter to notify of address change
  2. Change of Address forms
  3. Zoning/municipality approval
  4. Designated branch office form (if changing branch offices)
  5. Bond rider

  1. Original Installment Seller License (see sample)
  2. Letter stating intent to change name/address
  3. $10.00 amendment fee