MADA is your partner in success

The Michigan Automobile Dealers Association offers its members a wide range of services to help improve their dealership operations. We are here to serve our membership because without them, MADA would not exist.

Licensing and Bonds

MADA offers assistance in obtaining a Class A dealer license and annual renewals. In addition, MADA will help you obtain your installment seller license and surety bond. We interact with the Department of State so you don’t have to.

Legal Counsel

MADA retains highly experienced attorneys schooled in dealer-specific issues. They can aid you with questions pertaining to the Michigan Motor Vehicle Franchise Act; Michigan Sales and Finance Act; sales and use tax; and many other legal hurdles facing today’s dealer.

Legislative Advocacy

MADA works through our legislative entity, Auto Dealers of Michigan, LLC, to advocate dealers’ interests in the halls of Michigan’s Capitol.

Regulatory Affairs

MADA represents and advocates Michigan’s dealer needs at all state government offices that directly impact their business such as the Department of State; Department of Treasury; and the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs.

Membership Communications

Members receive up-to-date information on industry affairs, regulatory changes, legal issues, etc. The association sends out a weekly news brief, timely alerts, advisories and other forms of communications.

Automobile Dealers Accessory Corporation Services

This “for-profit” subsidiary of the Michigan Automobile Dealers Association administrates the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Insurance program, COBRA and all endorsed programs available to MADA members. With ADA, members have access to many opportunities to enhance profits and reduce costs. Learn more about ADA preferred or endorsed programs.

Dealer Assistance Hotline

MADA provides dealers with a direct link to information and advice on any issue regarding their business such as taxation, vehicle code, titling and registration. Call us at (800) 292-1923 or email us anytime.