Applying for a new license

MADA is happy to help franchised new car and truck dealers (Class A) with their State of Michigan licensing needs. Please review the following information then call our office at (800) 292-1923 for personal assistance with all your licensing requirements. Please allow 30-45 days for application review and processing.

Open a new dealership

  • Regulated by the Secretary of State
  • MADA can provide all the forms necessary to open a car or truck dealership that will comply with the State of Michigan.
  • A pre-license inspection of the business location will be conducted by the State of Michigan before issuing a new or used dealer license. The business address must meet the established place of business requirements.
  • Dealer License Application – complete packet with instructions
    • Zoning & municipality approval (pg 17-18)
    • Vehicle dealer license application (pg 19-22)
    • Designated branch office form (pg 25)
    • Repair facility agreement (pg. 27)
    • Repair facility registration application (pg 30-33)
    • Fingerprint background check request, in-state and out-of-state (pg. 34-35)
  • List of branch offices by city (to use when designating branch office; can be updated only once per calendar year)

Register with CARS e-Services

Vehicle dealer surety bond: Please email for information about obtaining your bond through MADA’s Dealers Insurance Agency.

Permission for MADA to pick up license/plates on dealer’s behalf

  • Please also review the State of Michigan Dealer Manual.
  • Sales /Tax License – new business registration details
  • Computerized Vehicle Registration / CVR (optional) – electronic vehicle titling and registration through
    • CVR works with the Secretary of State to provide a fast, accurate, automated process to register and title vehicles.
    • Call MADA at (800) 292-1923 for information about signing up.

Installment seller (finance) license

Articles of Incorporation

When applying for a new business name, you must file the articles with the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA).  There will be a fee for this filing, made payable to the State of Michigan.

Supplemental location license