Change of Officer

Dealers who may need to add or delete an officer from their license should review the following requirements. Please allow 30-45 days for application review and processing.

Dealer License

The state requires that a change of officer form, fingerprinting and letter detailing the change be submitted.

Repair Facility License

The state requires that a change of officer form be submitted.


If adding a new owner to the dealership please contact your bonding company.  A new bond may be required.

Corporate forms

This form is required if you change your resident agent.

Installment Seller License

A letter detailing the change must be prepared.  (Note: if there is only one officer on the current license and that person dies, retires or needs to be removed, the state requires a new license. Therefore this letter would not be required.)


Items to provide to MADA or the various state departments

When you provide this information to MADA we will review it and personally deliver it to the appropriate state department. Simply mail your paperwork to: MADA Licensing Department / 1500 Kendale Blvd. / East Lansing, MI 48823

Please note: not all the documents listed here will be required.  Different paperwork is required depending on the type of officer change you have. Please call MADA if you have questions.

Department of State:

  1. Dealer change of officer form
  2. Repair facility change of officer form
  3. Live Scan Fingerprint Form
  4. Letter detailing change
  5. Copy of new bond

  1. Resident agent form, with proper amendment fee
  2. Letter detailing change
  3. License application packet