A Commitment to Community and the Industry

We thank the numerous individuals who support and promote the franchised dealer industry. The dealers represented within the following groups are just some of many franchised dealers in Michigan who have made a strong commitment to the industry, their local communities and our association.


Nominate a dealer for the Time or Northwood dealer awards! Nomination deadline is July 18.


MADA Presidents

The success of MADA has taken leadership, courage, foresight and great imagination. We pay special tribute to each of the individuals who have led us to the high stature we enjoy today.

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Northwood University Dealer Education Award

The Northwood Dealer Education Award was developed by Northwood University to recognize automobile dealers across the United States for their dedication and contributions to the advancement of education, both inside and out of the automotive industry.

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Time Dealer of the Year Award

The TIME Dealer of the Year Award is sponsored by TIME Magazine, in partnership with Ally and in cooperation with NADA.  The program was created to draw attention to new-car dealers who demonstrate outstanding dealership performance and exceptional community service.

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