New Michigan Driver’s License and State ID

In January of this year, MDOS began issuing Michigan driver’s licenses and state IDs featuring a new hard card design. There are currently two design versions in circulation.

NEW DESIGN: All enhanced cards requested on or after Jan. 16 and standard cards requested on or after Jan. 23 are produced using the new design.

PREVIOUS DESIGN: All cards that feature the Mackinac Bridge are valid until expiration and are expected to be completely phased out of circulation by January 2029.

In line with national best practices and cutting-edge technology, Michigan changed the look of its driver’s licenses and state IDs to include engraved data and numerous other new security features that will reduce the risk of counterfeiting and fraud. To learn more about these features, please see this one-page summary document.

  • The font and color theme have been updated to clearly distinguish from the previous design, and the cards prominently display the Michigan Coat of Arms.
  • The names of the five Great Lakes can be seen in multicolored text when the card is held at certain angles. Shading and curved lines in the new design are difficult to replicate, strengthening the integrity of the cards.
  • The new cards include a two-line name format that will accommodate more characters than the previous design.
  • The state is using a gold Michigan shape with a star in it to indicate licenses and IDs that are REAL ID-compliant.

BARCODES: As part of the card redesign, the magnetic stripe on the back of these new cards has been removed. Updates were made to the configuration of the barcodes that contain the information from the front of the card. Businesses may need to recalibrate their scanners to the new configuration. 

Kindness is Good for Your Mind, Brain & Body

Healthy eating, consistent exercise, and good sleep are pillars of excellent health but don’t underestimate the physiological benefits linked to being kind and generous.

Kindness if good for you graphic

How kindness helps you:

It’s good for the brain 🧠: Kindness generates a chemical response in our brains by boosting neurotransmitters in our brains like dopamine and serotonin

It’s good for the mind 💭: New studies show that the social connection promoted by engaging in acts of kindness is a key predictor of both well-being and recovery from anxiety and depressive disorders.

It’s good for the body ❤️: Another lesser-known neurotransmitter activated by acts of kindness is oxytocin, which is sometimes known as the “love hormone. As oxytocin levels in our bodies increase, blood vessels dilate, inflammation is reduced, and our blood pressure is lowered.


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Michigan Dealer Awards – Nominations Open

MADA is seeking nominations to help us recognize Michigan dealers who not only excel in their professional roles but also demonstrate a commitment to making a tangible difference in shaping the future of our industry and the community. Nominees are leaders within the dealership community, advocates for education, and deeply involved in their local communities.


The prestigious Time Dealer of the Year Award aims to recognize and celebrate the exceptional contributions of automotive industry leaders within our community. Dealers nominated for this award embody excellence in both their professional endeavors and community engagement.


The Northwood Dealer Education Award was developed to honor outstanding automobile dealers and celebrate the unwavering dedication and significant contributions of these leaders to the advancement of education, both within and beyond the automotive industry.


Nominations can be submitted using this form until July 19, 2024. Please help MADA honor those who go above and beyond to drive excellence in both business and community service within the automotive industry.

Please Welcome James Fackler, MADA’s newest Executive Vice President


Please welcome Mr. James Fackler as the new MADA executive vice president, effective March 1, 2024. James has been the MADA Director of Regulatory Compliance for 18 months and worked in various leadership positions with the Secretary of State’s office prior to that. James has been preparing to take on this new role, following Terry Burns’ 2023 notification to the MADA board that he would be stepping down.

We encourage all members to extend a warm welcome to James, contact him with any questions and take this opportunity to share your thoughts and suggestions for the association. Your insights will be instrumental in continuing to shape the direction of our association.

Meet James at the Spring Dealer Meeting

Dealers and dealership staff are invited to register for the upcoming membership meeting on May 14, where you can meet James, network with colleagues and gain insight on the future of automotive retailing.

Our keynote speaker will be Glenn Mercer, an independent automotive researcher with over 35 years of automotive experience. Mr. Mercer has led project work for investment firms, has been an advisor to industry entities (including NADA) a board member for automotive firms, an expert witness in automotive cases and a lecturer on automotive economics in academia. His “Dealership of Tomorrow” presentation will discuss software-defined vehicles, EVs, changing channels (dealers, agents, direct-to-customer), AI in retailing, China (batteries/exporter) and more!

MADA Spring Dealer Meeting

Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Eagle Eye Banquet Center | Bath, MI

(Registration is required)


See more on the event webpage:


Supporting the Team: Mental Health Resources Toolkit

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Virtual Well-Being is an innovative program that features two, live interactive webinars and a guided meditation each week. They are meant to be an added value from BCBSM to support employer groups’ well-being programs.


  • Member webinars
    • Focus on a different well-being topic each week supporting people in living a thriving life.
    • Member webinars include the Drop 5 Virtual Weight-Loss Community. Drop 5 is a free weight-loss community that meets virtually to help participants feel connected with others who are striving to lose five pounds at a time. Drop 5 celebrates scale and non-scale victories
    • Held on Thursdays, noon Eastern (30 minutes).


Clean Vehicle Energy Credits & Advance Dealer Payments

IRS Requests Dealer Registration in Early December

Dealers who sell “clean vehicles” must sign up with the new IRS Energy Credits Online tool in order to register and report clean vehicle sales that occur on or after January 1, 2024. Reporting clean vehicle sales through this new portal will be necessary for buyers to be eligible for the clean vehicle tax credit.

IRS Energy Credits Online also allows licensed dealers to register and receive advance payments to offset the amount of a tax credit that was applied toward a customer’s purchase price. (Dealers are reminded that advance payments become effective for qualifying vehicles purchased on or after January 1, 2024.)

To ensure that all your registration paperwork is in order, the IRS highly recommends that dealers register in early December. Bank account information and tax filing information must be validated, which takes time to review, especially with many businesses registering. Early registration provides the IRS adequate time to review and process a dealership’s information.  Dealerships will not be eligible for the advance payments until the IRS approves the required business information.

Resources for Dealers

Clean Vehicle and Refueling Infrastructure Incentives

NADA has hosted multiple webinars to help dealers understand the registration process and the 2024 reporting procedures. Please see the links below for more information.


Clean Energy Authorization Permission Management (managing employee permission levels)

See Publication 5902 (12-2023)


New and Used Clean Vehicle Time-of-Sale Reporting

See Publication 5867-A (12-2023)


Information for Clean Vehicle Buyers

This IRS consumer checklist and background information will be useful for dealers in educating customers about the credit transfer process.

If you have additional questions you may reach out to James Fackler at MADA. Call (800) 292-1923 or email


Register Today for the MADA Annual Meeting!

MADA Annual Meeting | Wednesday, December 13, 2023

This program is open to dealers and dealership staff, plus invited sponsors and guests

As the year draws to a close, it’s time to mark your calendars for the MADA Annual Meeting. Registration is now open for this virtual event, offering insights and updates that will shape the upcoming business landscape.

Economic and Industry Outlook:
Gain crucial insights from industry expert Patrick Manzi, PhD, NADA’s chief economist, who will analyze the economic climate and forecast trends that will impact our businesses in the coming year. Understand key drivers, challenges, and opportunities that lie ahead.

Legal and Regulatory Updates:
Stay abreast of the latest legal and regulatory changes affecting our industry. Eric Bowden with Colombo & Colombo, P.C. will offer a brief legal overview, ensuring you have the knowledge to maintain compliance in this ever-changing regulatory environment.

Association and Legislative Updates:
Hear what your association and board of directors are are working on to support our members and advocate for the interests of our industry.

Date: Wednesday, December 13
Time: 10:00 am
Virtual: Zoom registration link

Please join us as we plan for business changes in 2024!


Fixed Ops Training for Member Dealerships

At the request of our members, MADA has been researching training opportunities to support your dealership departments. After a lot of discussion, we have selected an educational program with Mr. Steven Shaw, who is well known in the automotive industry as a professional speaker, trainer, and dealership expert. He is held in the highest regard by dealer principals and associates worldwide and may be considered the top service advisor trainer in the US and Canada.

MADA has scheduled a three-part virtual training program, exclusively for members, which is being offered at a significantly reduced rate. The fee covers all three sessions, in a webinar format so you can invite multiple employees to participate in a group setting.

These live, engaging, instructor-led programs will help your dealership transform individual and team performance with proven strategies and practices. Dealers who provide this training to staff will see improvement in repair order performance, profit, team member earnings, and so much more!

Please add the following dates to your calendar and submit your registration form today!

Oct. 19 | Multi-Point Inspection
Highest impact 3-step process to present the Multi Point Inspection

Oct. 26 | Keys to Communication
Personal communication approaches and best methods to interact with consumers, including words, tone and body language

Nov. 2 | Maintenance Schedules
Best practices to present factory maintenance schedules and required maintenance


Please click the link below for a registration form and additional details on each webinar session.

Fixed Ops Training 2023

Free Transportation Safety and Compliance Seminar for Truck Fleet Professionals

Idealease of Detroit/Flint, a subsidiary of Tri-County International Trucks, is sponsoring a private truck fleet safety and compliance seminar on Tuesday, September 26 in Southfield. The one-day seminar will help private truck fleet professionals maintain a safe fleet, provide safety training to their managers, reduce violations and accidents, and satisfy annual Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) compliance requirements.

The seminar is provided by Idealease, Inc. in partnership with the National Private Truck Council (NPTC). Idealease is a fully integrated transportation solutions provider that delivers expertise, responsiveness and stability to the truck transportation industry. Idealease is the leader in comprehensive safety and compliance seminars for private fleets.

The seminar provides a simplified, step-by-step approach to help attendees understand how to comply with FMCSA regulations, manage commercial motor vehicle safety, and control liability exposures. Virtually all aspects of commercial truck operation are covered, including: FMCSA driver screening tools, driving qualifications, hours of service (drivers’ daily logs), drug and alcohol testing rules, vehicle maintenance and inspection, accident recordkeeping and CSA.

After attending the seminar, private truck fleet professionals will have current information to help manage fleet safety for all major areas scrutinized during state and federal compliance interventions and reviews. The seminar’s step-by-step approach simplifies compliance with federal and state regulations, hours of service (drivers’ daily logs), drug and alcohol testing rules, vehicle maintenance and inspection, accident recordkeeping, and driver qualifications. Attendees also learn about new and proposed regulatory changes and how to enhance their safety programs above and beyond regulation requirements.

All seminar attendees receive the Idealease Guide to Transportation Safety and Compliance, a manual that assists fleet managers with safety and compliance documentation, the Idealease Pre- and Post-Trip Inspection DVD for driver education, and a subscription to the Idealease Safety Bulletin, a weekly safety and compliance e-mail publication.

Learn more:


NADA Show 2024 Video Competition

Win All-Access Passes for Your Entire Dealership to Attend the Auto Industry Event of the Year! 

Picture this: Your dealership crew, front and center at the Auto Industry Event of the Year, gaining invaluable insights, forging connections, and staying ahead of the game. It’s an opportunity that can’t be missed! And now, you have a chance to make it a reality through the NADA Show 2024 Video Competition.

Keep reading for more from NADA about this opportunity…

Are you ready to unveil your inner Spielberg? We want you to create a captivating video, no more than two minutes long, that showcases why dealership employees from every department simply CAN’T MISS the NADA Show. Whether you’re a dealership, an exhibitor, or an OEM, this competition is for you. Whoever emerges victorious can either claim the prize (if they are a dealership) or generously donate it to a dealership they choose.

Once you’ve crafted your masterpiece, it’s time to share it with the world. Upload your video to any and all social media platforms, and don’t forget to include the hashtags #NADAShow and #DrivingTheFuture in the caption. This will ensure that your entry is visible to our esteemed judging panel.

Now, let’s talk about the rewards. The winning video will be featured on the main stage at NADA Show 2024 EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Imagine the thrill of seeing your name in lights, your creativity celebrated, and your dealership’s brand showcased to industry leaders from around the globe.

But that’s not all! The champion of the NADA Show 2024 Video Competition will also receive all-access passes for their entire dealership. That means your colleagues and team members will have full access to the wealth of knowledge, the latest trends, and the groundbreaking innovations that NADA Show has to offer.

And for those left behind to hold down the fort, we’ve got you covered too. We’re throwing a MAMMOTH PIZZA PARTY as a gesture of appreciation for your dedication and hard work. You won’t miss out on the celebration!

So, grab your cameras, gather your teammates, and start filming. Showcase the passion, the drive, and the excellence that defines your dealership. This is your chance to shine on the big stage at NADA Show 2024.

Submit your video ASAP, and who knows? Your creativity might just make you the talk of the industry. Don’t hesitate, start filming, and let’s make this a year to remember!

Attendee registration opens July 31. All videos must be submitted by October 31, 2023. Stay tuned for more updates and get ready to drive the future at NADA Show 2024!