Guidance When Renewing Your Dealer License

Don’t get your dealer license renewal paperwork grouped with the majority of renewals submitted in late November and December!
We know your license is good through December, but MADA encourages you to submit paperwork in October to give ample time for your renewal to be processed and the new tabs to be prepared for mailing. Dealers with 20 or more plates should also keep in mind that it may take the state up to four weeks after the renewal is processed before tabs are mailed. See this handout from MADA for additional information about license renewals.
If you plan on making changes to information on your business license, early renewal is even more critical.
  • If you are making a corporate name change – contact Michelle at MADA for more information. There are multiple steps to this process, but license renewal and name change documents should be submitted together.
  • If you are making amendments such as change of address or change of officer — FIRST submit your license renewal and wait for it to be processed, THEN submit your license changes. If they are sent together, your renewal and tabs will be delayed. Michelle would be happy to help with these license changes also!