Image of Michigan Secretary of State seal
The Michigan Department of State has emailed a final notification to dealerships about the transition to the 2017 revision of the RD-108. (View bulletin.) Please double check that your dealership is using the current 2017 version.
As a reminder, the Department will not accept any transactions using the 12/02 revision of the RD-108 after Wednesday, July 5, 2017. The 12/02 version of the RD-108 was replaced with a new 2017 revision made available to dealers this past January.

Trade-in sales tax credit
A dedicated line for the partial trade-in sales tax credit has been added to the new 2017 revision of the RD-108 as Line 3 in the statement of vehicle sale section. With this change the RD-108T (Supplemental Vehicle Trade-In Sales Tax Credit Form) is no longer necessary. Dealers will discontinue submitting the 2017 RD-108T form for all vehicle transactions with a trade-in.

Trade-in sales tax credit calculation worksheet 
(View worksheet.)
The Department created a 2017 Trade-In Sales Tax Credit Calculation Worksheet to help correctly calculate the trade-in sales tax credit. The website version of the 2017 worksheet calculates the correct trade-in sales tax credit but is not submitted with the RD-108 to the Secretary of State. This worksheet is available on the Department’s Website under Publications and Forms.
If you have questions about the RD-108 please contact MADA at (800) 292-1923.