How can dealers increase sales and service traffic while eliminating waste? The answer is really quite simple – start with your data! If you can’t track what your marketing dollars are doing, you probably shouldn’t be spending them.  During this year’s Annual Meeting, attendees will hear from Derc Teschler with Dealer121 who can help answer the age-old question: is my marketing working?

Consider this. You find a customer in your database who is driving a leased vehicle. That lease is due in three months and you happen to have a killer pull ahead program. Rather than pounding the radio with group advertising and hoping that customer hears you, finds you and buys from you, wouldn’t it make more sense to target that customer as an individual? Couldn’t you email them directly? Possibly send them a mail piece explaining lease options? Maybe even target them directly with a mobile product?

Mr. Teschler will show you how to use the data you have, track your marketing dollars and ultimately drive more sales and service to your business.


MADA Annual Meeting – December 7, 2017
Suburban Collection Showplace, Novi
11am • Derc Teschler, Dealer121
Use Your Data to Drive Service and Sales