MADA is arranging a series of webinars with information from organizations involved in the advancement of Michigan’s EV policies and the electric grid. These webinars will present information on Michigan’s vehicle electrification plans, as well as both the positive aspects and challenges to the mass adoption of EVs. Speakers will include individuals from state government and utility companies, economists, industry leaders, etc.

Dealers have a big investment in the future of mobility in Michigan. These webinars will provide important insight to the plans being made and potential impacts on your business and employees. Michigan dealers are “all in” on EVs – and these webinars will provide information to help your business and employees meet that commitment.


MADA EV Webinar #1: Michigan’s EV Infrastructure

Michigan has created the new Michigan Office of Future Mobility and Electrification and announced it is expanding its electric infrastructure to support a transition to electric and hybrid vehicles. This electrification strategy will have an impact on dealership operations, employee training and consumer interactions. Dealers have an investment in Michigan’s mobility infrastructure – and it is important that we are knowledgeable about the plans being developed by state government.

Please join us for a discussion with Judd Herzer, the Director of Strategic Policy for the Michigan Department of Labor & Economic Opportunity. In this role, he assists department agencies with strategic policy initiatives and is the primary manager of policy for both the Office of Future Mobility and Electrification and the Michigan High-Speed Internet Office.

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