• Michigan’s Lower Peninsula is 277 miles long from north to south and 195 miles from east to west.
  • The Upper Peninsula is bigger than Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Delaware combined.
  • No point in Michigan is more than 85 miles from any one of the Great Lakes.
  • Michigan has the longest shoreline of any state besides Alaska 3,200 miles, and another 900 miles if islands are included.
  • There are 11,037 inland lakes which are ten acres or more in size.
  • Detroit is farther from Houghton, Michigan, by air miles (425) than it is from Washington, D.C. (391).
  • Archaeologists have discovered skeletons of whales that once inhabited the prehistoric lakes of lower Michigan before the glacial movements.
  • Michigan is the only state that borders on four of the five Great Lakes.


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