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MIOSHA’s COVID-19 Workplace Safety Director, Sean Egan, has hosted four Q&A webinars to answer questions from employers and employees about compliance with the governor’s executive orders on workplace safety.

While some of the answers are a bit vague because situations from one business to another will be different, this does help provide additional guidance. IMPORTANT NOTE: click the “show more” option to see a list of all the questions asked. This allows you to view questions and in most cases click the timestamp for the answer you want to hear. Links to the four webinars and just a few examples of questions are below. (There are many more questions and answers beyond what is sampled here.)


View July 16, 2020 webinar
  • 12:36 – What happens if a worker still tests positive after 2-1/2 weeks and the doctor tells them they are no longer contagious. Can they come back to work? The CDC says after 2 negative tests they can come back.
  • 14:08 – As long as I wear my mask into work. After my temp is taken and my questions answered is it safe to remove my mask once in my office with the door closed? When people enter or I leave the area I reapply the mask.
  • 25:56 – In an office environment, if an employee leaves the premise for an appt, should temp check and questionnaire be asked again?
View July 23, 2020 webinar
  • 20:52 – Is there a timeframe on how long you have to keep the health questionnaires on file?
  • 22:07 – A member of the public comes to our office to make a payment and does not go beyond our front lobby. Is this person required to have a face covering to come inside the lobby area? (Note: Front desk worker in the lobby area is shielded by Plexiglas.)
View July 31, 2020 webinar
  • Note: This week’s webinar is focused on bars and restaurants, but we are including in case you are interested.
View August 7, 2020 webinar
  • 13:00 – Are face masks required during in person meetings in offices if social distancing is in place.
  • 13:23 – If someone is closer than 6 feet but separated by a plexiglass barrier does the 6 ft rule apply?
  • 14:11 – Is there a template than can be provided to record employee’s answers to daily self screening questions?
  • 14:56 – What if an employee’s spouse tests positive, but is not symptomatic. What should we do before allowing him back to work?
  • 15:38 – Our front office is closed to the public, our staff cubicle walls go 3/4 to the ceiling and spacing of work areas are greater than 6 feet apart, some even 12 feet from anyone else. Do they need to wear masks at all times while sitting at their desk? As it is all in the same ‘room’?