Earlier in June, we notified dealers that a very brazen and large group of individuals was targeting multiple dealerships in Grand Rapids. The individuals appear to be in their teens and young 20s. They scope out dealerships, find access points, key boxes and service drop boxes, then come back later and do significant damage.

The Kent County Combined Auto Theft Team would like dealers to be aware that these dealership break-ins have branched out to Grandville, Ionia and other locations. It is likely the criminals will continue to expand their targets.

They are now stealing keys and vehicles from new vehicle dealerships, used dealerships, large and small lots. The detective urged that key control is critical. Make sure keys are secured; don’t leave keys out in plain sight. Some dealers have started taking keys off-site at night or adding extra security.

Please be vigilant in your security measures, and if you have questions contact MADA at news@michiganada.org or (800) 292-1923.

WOOD TV news report