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Reminder: re-certification is required every three (3) years

The MADSIF/CastleRock Risk Management Staff once again is offering the DOT Hazardous Materials Certification Training Seminar for dealership personnel. This DOT Hazmat class is specifically tailored to auto dealership employees.

The US Department of Transportation (DOT) Regulation requires all businesses that package, ship, handle or store hazardous materials have at least one employee that is DOT Hazmat Certified. Hazardous materials referred to in these regulations include thousands of items, many of which can be found in dealerships, for example flammable liquids, air bags, seat belt pretensioners, paints and adhesives.

Certification is mandatory and must be renewed every three years. If you have an employee who requires recertification please sign them up for this seminar offered around the state in February.

Additional information, dates and locations are available here.