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The Michigan Department of Insurance and Financial Services (DIFS) emailed installment seller license renewals to dealerships the first week of April. (Reminder: these documents were sent to the email address on file for the dealership.) Please print the renewal application and attachments provided by DIFS then complete and sign as required.

As a complimentary benefit of MADA membership, dealers are encouraged to send their completed renewal paperwork to MADA.  We will review your documents for accuracy and personally deliver all paperwork to the state.

Did you know? In previous years, the state had a long list of dealers whose renewal paperwork was incomplete or incorrect and the state was prepared to cancel the licenses. In most instances, the dealership was not aware there was a problem. Dealers who renew through MADA can help avoid this concern; we will contact you directly to correct errors before the renewal is delivered to the state and confirm the license has been renewed.

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