Following are a few Michigan agricultural facts to think about as you go berry picking around the state or pick up locally grown produce at the farmer’s market.

  • Michigan ranks first in the nation in tart cherry production.
  • Michigan also ranks first in the production of blueberries and navy beans, cranberry beans, and black turtle beans.
  • Michigan is among the nation’s three leading producers of commercial apples.
  • Kalamazoo is the birthplace of celery. Commercial celery was grown for the first time in Kalamazoo.
  • In the United States, Michigan is among the top five states in the production of over 30 different types of crops.
  • Michigan’s forest products industry contributes over $8 billion to Michigan’s economy.
  • Michigan’s forest land acreage is the fifth largest in the continental United States.
  • Michigan’s forests are growing twice as much timber annually as what is actually being harvested.
  • Timber covers 48 percent of Michigan’s total land base.
  • The United States and state of Michigan publicly own more than a third of Michigan’s commercial forest land, or approximately 7,000,000 acres of forest. This amount of land, when combined, is larger than the state of Vermont.


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