Image of Michigan Secretary of State seal

The Michigan Department of State mails license renewal applications approximately 45 days prior to the expiration date. While many repair facilities have a September renewal date, not all do. Dealers with a repair facility license that expires in September should receive their renewal paperwork in the mail soon.

Please be aware of your expiration date (noted on the wall license) to ensure your license is renewed on time. Failure to renew on time may require the dealership to pay excessive fees. Additionally, it is the dealer’s responsibility to make sure the license is renewed (even if paperwork from the state gets lost in the mail or otherwise misplaced.)

Unsure of your renewal date? Check here:


We encourage dealers to send their completed renewals to MADA so we can review the paperwork for accuracy and personally deliver all documents to the State of Michigan and avoid delays. If you have any questions, contact Jean Quinn at (800) 292-1923 or email