The oldest family-owned Buick dealership in the United States.

Saginaw, MI — Garber Buick is the nation’s oldest and first Buick dealership in the country. The year was 1907 and Guy S. Garber saw the automobile as the vehicle to the future. Growing up in the Lansing area, his reputation as a salesman brought him to the attention of William C. Durant, founder of General Motors. At his urging, Guy Garber became a factory representative for Buick Motor Division. During his first six months he established one dealership, in Battle Creek. His success there brought him to take on a greater challenge, coming to Saginaw in 1910 representing Buick.

Guy Garber’s long and productive affiliation with GM lasted nearly 60 years, through the great depression and two world wars. After his passing in 1965, his son, Richard Garber, Sr., became president and owner until his own death in 1972. He was succeeded by Norman F. Geyer, son-in-law to Guy. He successfully guided the Buick store for eight years, until he passed the torch to Richard J. Garber Jr., in 1980. He was the third generation to take the helm of the company in its 73rd year of operation, and at the time was the youngest Buick dealer for a dealership of its size in the nation. Since that time the organization has grown to 16 dealerships located in four states, Michigan, Florida, Illinois and New York. Garber Automotive also includes 25 Used Car Retail Lots and a Finance Company that finances automobile purchases.  In total the Garber Automotive Group employs over 1600 employees with the headquarters based in Saginaw, MI.