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Since January 1, 2016 OSHA & MIOSHA have completed Safety Inspections in almost 130 dealerships nationwide. Michigan dealerships have accounted for nearly 25% or 30 inspections during 2016. Over $53,000 in fines were issued to those Michigan Dealerships.
In 2016, workers’ compensation claims in Michigan Dealerships have averaged $2500 per claim.

MIOSHA may show up at your door when you least expect it. Your dealership is subjected to numerous inspection/audits and the more prepared you are the less costly and time consuming these inspections/audits will be. Is your dealership prepared to welcome a MIOSHA inspector? If you’re not, or you’re not sure, please send your managers to this upcoming workshop. (Dates and registration information.)

The workshop will prepare your managers and dealership for a MIOSHA inspection by providing the following information:

  1. Who is MIOSHA (history and legality of their conduct)?
  2. Why was my dealership picked for an inspection?
  3. What will happen during a MIOSHA inspection, and what can you do during and prior to the inspection to be prepared?
  4. How providing a hazard free work place will reduce Workers Compensation costs and also comply with MIOSHA Regulations.
  5. Updated information on the requirements of the Right to Know Law and the Globally Harmonized System (GHS)

By attending this workshop your managers will know what to expect when MIOSHA arrives.

They will learn proper record keeping and how to correctly report injuries. The instructors will discuss what safety training is mandatory, and how it must be documented. They will learn how a walk-through inspection will be conducted including what MIOSHA will focus on. Finally, we will explain the potential cost of penalties, what appeal rights the dealership has, what is a Penalty Reduction Agreement (PRA) and whether you should accept it or not?

Workshop dates and registration information.