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The 2019 MADA Annual Meeting is your opportunity to get insight into the dealership of tomorrow. This year’s speakers will provide you with an industry forecast, information and guidance to better assist customers as needs and expectations evolve, and a regulatory update to keep your business operations running smooth. Click here for registration and keep reading to learn more about the speakers and sessions.
VISA and MC Surcharges (11:00 am)
Credit card surcharges are taking a big bite out of dealers’ profits. This session will cover many of the issues dealers are questioning about surcharges. Can businesses pass these processing fees on to the customer? Does it make good business sense to pass the cost along? And if so, how does a dealer go about implementing the change?

Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson (11:30 am)

We are honored to be joined by Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson. There have been a lot of changes and regulations handed down from her department recently. While some of these changes were in process before she took office, a new leader has new ideas for the industries she oversees. This will be a great opportunity to hear Secretary Benson’s plans moving forward and offer your own insights and feedback on Michigan’s franchised dealer industry.

Lunch, Board Meeting & Annual Meeting (12:15 pm) 
Get an update on the association, regulatory topics and legislation affecting you and your business. We will also present a brief session on The Sales Process of Today, and How Can MADA Help? This session will get your input on dealership training. What are dealers currently doing, and how can MADA support your in-house training programs as employee and customer needs evolve?
Electric Vehicles…the Follow Up (1:00 pm)
Michigan’s EV economy is growing. Consumers are interested in learning about EVs and there is an opportunity for dealers to become a bigger resource for information. DTE and Consumers Energy will explain how dealers can support EV customers during and after the purchase. Dealers will be provided information and handouts about different levels of charging stations, charging station maps and rebates for in-home systems. This information can then be provided to customers considering an electric vehicle.
Keynote Speaker, Glenn Mercer
Dealership of Tomorrow: 2019 Update (1:30 pm)
In 2016 NADA commissioned research on how the American new-car franchised dealership system is evolving, looking at trends ranging from the rate of consolidation of ownership to the potential impact of electric cars, with a target forecast date of 2025. The final report was released in 2017, and was well received. As the world continues to evolve, NADA asked for an update of the report, and a corresponding extension of the forecast period, to the late 2020s. The final report will be presented at NADA 2020 in Las Vegas, but MADA is offering members the opportunity to see the results in advance, in a detailed presentation by the lead researcher, Glenn Mercer.
Networking Reception (3:00 pm)