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As we begin a new year with new MADA officers, we would like to thank Ms. Colleen Chapleski for serving as MADA president in 2018. She put in a lot of time and effort behind the scenes to support the interests of our members in Michigan. We appreciate her commitment to dealers throughout Michigan and look forward to working with her in her new position as MADA past president .
We welcome the new 2019 MADA officers and thank them for agreeing to serve this year.
  • President Jeff Williams
  • First Vice President Steven Brown
  • Second Vice President William Perkins
  • Immediate Past President Colleen Chapleski
Each year this group of dealers works closely with the MADA board and association staff to guide and advise on issues important to dealers. They communicate with their colleagues around the state, speak to government officials when regulatory topics require dealer involvement, help guide association policies and procedures, and stay informed on many other topics and issues. The support and involvement of these individuals is critical to the success of our association and helps us maintain a positive and prominent presence in Michigan.