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As you have heard, thousands of dealership employees and their families have suffered devastating losses in the recent Louisiana floods. The need for financial assistance is great and will last for many weeks, if not months. The NADA Foundation’s Emergency Relief Fund helps dealership families after natural disasters, and NADA has announced that the Foundation will seek to raise $2 million for new-car dealership families displaced by the flooding in Louisiana.  Initial estimates indicate that more than 1,500 dealership families from new car dealerships in Baton Rouge and surrounding areas have been flooded out of their homes and desperately need financial assistance.  As you may have heard from Peter Welch (NADA), he spent a good part of last week in Baton Rouge with Will Green (LA), taking stock of the flood damage.  Because of the severity of the flooding and lack of insurance (affected areas were not in flood zones), the vast number of relief applicants will qualify for a $1,500 check from the Foundation.  To fill the expected gap between what’s needed and what’s on hand, a nationwide fundraising campaign has been initiated.

Please visit NADA’s website at for more information.

To make a tax-deductible contribution to the Emergency Relief Fund, you can donate online or send a check, payable to NADCF Emergency Fund, to NADCF, 8400 Westpark Drive, Tysons, VA, 22102.