Image of Michigan Secretary of State seal

To ensure the most success for your temporary or “tent” sale, please remember to first obtain the necessary approval from the State of Michigan. Temporary sale locations must be properly licensed with the Department of State and are permitted only within a dealer’s county of licensure.
Temporary sales may include a “tent sale” or a similar event during which vehicles may be displayed and sold for a specified length of time. There is no cost to obtain licensing for a temporary sale. However, the following must be provided 15 days prior to the sale for the state to review and approve:

  • Vehicle Dealer Supplemental Location Application form (link)
  • Michigan Vehicle Dealer Close Out Statement for Temporary Location form(link)
  • Enclose either a franchise approval to sell new vehicles at the sale location, or self-certify that you have authorization to sell new vehicles at the sale location during the dates specified. If only selling used vehicles at the off-site location, you will need a letter signed by the owner stating that the dealership will only be selling used cars.  **Sample letters**

If you have questions please call Jean Quinn at (800) 292-1923 or email Completed forms can be returned to MADA via fax at (517) 351-3120 or by email to Jean. Forms will be reviewed for accuracy and forwarded to the state for processing.